Are you prepared to compete with other gamers from across the world in You can sit at home in front of your computer, and your opponent may be a long distance away, but this will not prohibit you from meeting in game. Begin the game as a little fly, devouring all of the food to grow and evolve. Become the strongest beast and make it to the end. Maintain a safe distance from your natural foes. Every animal has natural enemies, thus avoiding them will be beneficial when competing against online opponents.

Game tactics

Consume foods and animals with green borders. Animals with red outlines should be avoided since they will consume you! You will be competing for survival with hundreds of other gamers, so get active and gather food. Pay attention to your water supply. You'll need enough to survive. Attempt to murder opponents while eating. Remember that you can hide in either the sky or the woods. Consume foods that improve your health.

How To Play

Use the mouse, arrow keys, or WASD to maneuver the character freely. Depending on the circumstances, you can hide and then quickly appear. Thrill through each challenging level and become the strongest in your area. Evolve and become the region's monarch.

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