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Immerse yourself in the world of IO games with 2! Compete for territory with a large number of other players online. Try to occupy as much space in the arena as possible. Take your opponents' territory and paint everything in your colors.

How To Play

In this IO game, your goal is to seize as many venues as possible. Every time you leave the safe zone, your character will leave a trail of paint. Upon your return to your region, the ground you collected in the loop you created will transform into your domain, taking on a new color.However, as long as you leave your region and display your tail, you are vulnerable to attacks from other players. Should another player pass your tail, it will result in your destruction. You'll lose all of your territory and have to start over.

Tips and tricks

Roaming outside of your comfort zone can swiftly increase your area, but only if you leave it. Be cautious: stick to your region and come in and out regularly to lessen the risk of being cut off. Nibble on other players' territory when they are not visible. If you find a player with a long path, use the opportunity to hurry in and cut them off. That way, they would lose their entire region in a single blow.


Mouse and arrow keys combined for control.

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