Start having a wonderful time with! Navigate the black hole to get to a crowded location. Suck all the stickmans and race against the clock to finish the assignment. Diverse modes offer appealing challenges. Complete all of the tasks by combining aspects of strategy, dexterity, and competition.

Impressive features

  • In single-player mode, you must fulfill the task of absorbing all of the stickmen on the screen before time runs out to be successful. Move quickly to suck up a large number of stickmen.
  • In the two-player mode, the objective is to compete to see who can suck the most stickmen in the shortest time. After capturing the characters, you will need to assemble a powerful army. Face fearsome enemies in a unique final battle.

How To Play

Enjoy an incredible and engaging game with vibrant graphics. Move the black hole around with the WASD keys. It starts modest but increases as you collect stick figures. Continue on to spectacular boss fights.

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