Geometry Dash
Geometry Dash
Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a very fun game where you take control of a block and move it overcoming obstacles. If you like colorful things, you can't pass up this game. The graphics in the game are sure to get you excited. Show how good you are at controlling blocks so you don't run into sharp spikes or get eaten by other things. You can move quickly enough in this game, so get used to using the keys quickly so you can win. The game is very interesting, so you should join it right away!

Development process

Geometry Dash is a set of music-based video games made by Swedish developer Robert Topala, better known as RobTop. The game currently has 21 recognized levels. It is known for its extensive level-building system, which lets players make their own levels with top-notch graphics and challenges that range from easy to hard.

Types of Icons

  • Square block: Jump over up to three spikes in a row at its normal speed.
  • Aircraft: Move up and down in the air in a smooth, wavy pattern when the player hits and releases their hand.
  • Ball: Can change gravity when they touch a flat surface without spikes or other objects.
  • UFO: Jumps even in the air, like a flappy bird.
  • Arrows: Move in a zigzag pattern up and down each time the player holds and lets go.
  • Robot: Jump up to a certain height when it touches a plane without spikes and the player presses and holds.
  • Spider: The "flash" is faster and almost goes up and down instead of moving diagonally like a ball.

How To Play

Use the Space key to move the block and the up arrow key to keep jumping.

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