Geometry Dash And Ever
Geometry Dash And Ever
Geometry Dash And Ever

Geometry Dash And Ever

Geometry Dash And Ever

Geometry Dash And Ever features beautiful artwork with forests, a night sky, and a giant dragon that follows us to the end. Mesmerizing lighting and soothing animations all combine to form an amazing level. The adventure into the new-era world is ready for fans of the genre. This level version, in particular, is a sequel to the amazing Everluscious. From this point on, the levels become pure art, with fun gameplay and uniquely detailed layouts. The transition between parts is really different and full of novelty.

Particularly impressive point

Unique decoration

It is not following the path of classical design, but instead the details are based on mythological elements. The level is really visually interesting, featuring detailed art in both the background and mystical foreground. Every element, from the tree trunks to the grass to the background, is incredibly detailed while also looking very sleek. The ultimate color combination creates an enchanting space like the Emerald Kingdom. What's special is the level of artistry used throughout, but the designer optimized the details of objects under 30K. This makes it very accessible to players on all devices.

Impressive gameplay

Creating such a level of art with this amount of detail and realism while still being optimized shows the creator is great. Even though the level was almost entirely created in the 2.1 editor, it still looks stunning. It's also pretty crazy how quickly Galofuf built the final 2.2 and finished it.

Awesome effects

Galofuf really wows with its pan, pan, and zoom camera modes and use of particles. These new features, along with the awesome dragon art, create an epic climax. It is easy to see that towards the end of the level, the level of fun becomes more and more advanced. The dragon's wing flapping effect really surprises and explodes the epic gameplay.

How To Play

Players should really take on Galofuf's level to see the sophistication of the design. Impressed with the art style and gameplay. This is truly a legendary jump-scare level. Get ready to make those mouse clicks or spacebars to navigate successfully now!

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