Mine Blocks
Mine Blocks
Mine Blocks

Mine Blocks

Mine Blocks

Mine Blocks let you enter the real world! Learn survival techniques to help your community become more resourceful. Take control of the universe in a thrilling Minecraft style. Start building when you've searched for and collected resources. Create tools and objects to explore more space. Every step allows you to engage in exciting mission simulations. Learn and accomplish everything you feel capable of.

Special features

Survival mode

Collect various materials to create shelter, weapons, and food. You can combine wood and stone to create a wooden ax. Shelter and weapons are required to combat hostile monsters such as vines, spiders, and zombies. Let's explore and learn about the different manufacturing recipes.

Creative mode

Creative mode is a sandbox in which you can freely explore with infinite resources. You can fly around the map by double-tapping 'W' or 'Space'. Place bricks, goods, and mobs anywhere you like. Use your creativity to create magnificent constructions, cities, worlds, and everything in between.

How To Play

Switch between survival and creative modes to try out different gameplay techniques. Compete with your friends in timed scavenger hunts. Save your levels and creations for later play.


Use the WASD keys to move your character. Double-tap A or D to sprint.Collect resources by clicking and holding on surrounding blocks or critters. Use the correct tool for the job.

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