Geometry Dash B SPR9S0
Geometry Dash B SPR9S0
Geometry Dash B SPR9S0

Geometry Dash B SPR9S0

Geometry Dash B SPR9S0

Let's explore Geometry Dash B SPR9S0 together under the creative hand of Fungifity, which stands out with its extremely unique style. It was the creator's designs that inspired so many amazing 2.1 levels. Levels like the "TECHnos" series popularized the "tech" style. The unique style is still evident in every aspect of the level, such as block design, decorations, and backgrounds. Most of the details are customized, creating a specialized look that you can't find on other levels. The custom overlays on the structures really add drama to the level. Every detailed design, color, and sound are in sync with the theme.

Some things are worth noting

Impressive technology theme

The creator of the series really makes a strong impression with the technology theme. Various themes highlight the created atmosphere and color combinations.

Impressive effects

If you're a veteran fan, you'll definitely notice some of the new 2.2 features. All orbs will have custom animations when you tap them. Some will rotate, some will shrink and disappear, and some will scale and return to normal, which is really cool. These animations are also displayed in the Explorer; you can see them in the spam section.

Main colors

It is easy to see that purple, pink, and red are mainly used throughout the gameplay. The space becomes more magical when navigating. A unique yet familiar design expressed through characteristic colors.

How To Play

Geometry Dash B SPR9S0 doesn't have too many levels but is really impressive. Fast and slow rhythm changes are flexibly coordinated. Miami Hotline Vol.3 by Demonicity contributed to creating perfect synchronization for each dance move. Right now, use the mouse to start exciting gameplay.

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