Counter Strike 3D
Counter Strike 3D
Counter Strike 3D

Counter Strike 3D

Counter Strike 3D

Counter Strike 3D

Learn the fundamentals of online first-person team shooting with Counter Strike 3D! Quickly enter the game, think up a moniker, and select a game room. Unique gameplay, stunning graphics, a vast arsenal of weaponry, multiple game types, and numerous complicated maps are all available. Fight with hundreds of other online players. Fight with specific weapons to see who is the most experienced player. Earn money and purchase new weapons to become the most skilled and dangerous player.


  • You must wait until enough members join the battle.
  • Players from all over the world randomly select their teammates.
  • There are various modes of play available, including bomb defuse, hostage rescue, gun game, and battle royale.
  • Map types vary in size, layout, and complexity, providing a diverse playing experience.

How To Play

  • WASD/arrow keys - move
  • Mouse - aim and shoot
  • R - reload
  • 1->9 - weapon selection
  • Shift - sprint/slow walk
  • C - crouch
  • Spacebar - jump
  • B - opens the shopping menu
  • F - use items
  • T - chat
  • Y - group chat

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