Block Team Deathmatch
Block Team Deathmatch
Block Team Deathmatch

Block Team Deathmatch

Block Team Deathmatch

Block Team Deathmatch provides a spectacular gunfight journey from an appealing first-person perspective. Enjoy a graphic space composed entirely of lovely pixel blocks. Beautiful pixel graphics render the scenes, characters, weaponry, locations, and even particle effects. Furthermore, several modes add variety to the game. Adapt to the game and collaborate with teammates to defeat opponents. You can rank up and unlock more powerful guns by combining identical guns.

Some intriguing points

Various game modes

  • 4v4 team mode: Work together to be the first team to get 10 kills and win.
  • Individual mode: is ideal for training navigation, targeting, and shooting skills. Shoot as many targets as possible with accuracy.
  • Sniper mode: Race to the top score using just sniper guns. Practice shooting at various target positions.

Currency classification

  • In the gun fusion mini-game, you can use gold coins to buy new low-level guns.
  • Diamonds can increase your character's natural stats.
  • Gun points are perhaps the most valuable and scarce of the three. They allow you to obtain fantastic weapons and powerful items from the shop.

How To Play

While using the keyboard and mouse to aim and shoot, move your character. Increase your chances of winning by using the appropriate fighting weapon. To beat your opponents in a single second, be quick-eyed and quick-handed.

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