The Last Survivors
The Last Survivors
The Last Survivors

The Last Survivors

The Last Survivors

Can you survive the apocalyptic world of The Last Survivors? A virus that is fatal has overtaken the planet, transforming the whole population into walking zombies. Only one little daughter and her father survived. You must go through numerous tests to revive everyone and locate the other survivors. Eighteen interesting and exciting levels filled with danger and adrenaline await you ahead. This well-known game features zombies, obstacles, and traps.

How To Play


Player 1: 

  • Move: "W, A, S, D"
  • Attack: "S"

Player 2:

  • Move: ARROW KEYS
  • Attack: DOWN ARROW KEY

Tips and tricks

You can play both roles at the same time or invite your friends to join you and play together. The girl can toss stones, while the male can use a stick to attack the enemies. These skills will assist you in solving a variety of challenges. It must be remembered that zombies are extremely dangerous to you. Colliding with them will only result in losing the battle. However, you can utilize zombies for personal goals. Such as throwing rocks to entice them to press the door opening button or launch the elevator. You will deal better if you are agile and make quick decisions.

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