Space Patrol
Space Patrol
Space Patrol

Space Patrol

Space Patrol

Let's start the adventure journey in Space Patrol, defeat the alien spiders, and collect crystals. Aim to reach the destination and unlock other multidimensional spaces. Discover the mysteries! Overcome all dangerous threats with good reflexes and skillful navigation.

Impressive features

  • Attractive gameplay: Players need to react promptly to use weapons to defeat the spiders that appear. Avoid letting the traveling character collide with the spiders. As this could potentially endanger their lives. Passing three times will definitely fail the mission.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics: The main space theme combined with vivid colors creates a dynamic space. It is easy to see familiar asteroids and stars in the universe. The colors are harmonious and clearly reflect the characteristics of the planets.
  • Many attractive levels: The design of many levels brings great attraction to everyone. You can effortlessly lose yourself in the diverse realms of various planets. Each planet has its own unique features with clear identification details. Play and break all your limits.

How To Play

  • Move left and right with AD keys.
  • Jump up with W.
  • Use Fire skill with the L key.
  • Use the K key to perform the shoe-jet skill.
  • Perform Jet-Pack with the J key.

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