Soccer Legends
Soccer Legends
Soccer Legends

Soccer Legends

Soccer Legends

Soccer Legends

Soccer Legends opens up super soccer matches accompanied by familiar soccer players. In soccer matches, the player who scores the most goals at the end of the match wins. Each character will have superior shooting abilities. Race against the clock and score ahead of your opponents. The atmosphere is hotter than ever, so choose your character and contest form now!

How To Play

It is easy to choose a simple game mode. Carry out short training exercises through matches. Quickmatch, 1 player, and 2 players are the game modes you can easily choose from. In the modes, you can play Tournament or Friendly, depending on what you unlock. Role-play and become a professional soccer player, conquering major tournaments.


Player 1:

  • The character controls movement through the arrow keys.
  • Supershot with the Z key and perform the shot with the X key.

Player 2:

  • Move characters with WASD keys
  • Press the L key to shot and the K key for a supershot.

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