Plants Vs. Zombies: Original
Plants Vs. Zombies: Original
Plants Vs. Zombies: Original

Plants Vs. Zombies: Original

Plants Vs. Zombies: Original

Plants Vs. Zombies: Original

Return to your childhood with the return of the iconic strategy game, Plants Vs. Zombies: Original. Build an army of plants to repel the zombies' invasion. The game's colorful colors and amazing effects add to its appeal. Furthermore, the sound is synchronized with each situation, which improves the overall experience. Plant trees along the narrow road to deter the angry mob that wants to bulldoze your house for as long as possible! Create more trees to help fortify your perimeter defenses and eliminate any zombies that appear on your property.

Origin of famous game

PopCap's iconic strategy game, Plants Vs. Zombies: Original, is available on both mobile and PC platforms. Funny zombies designed in the Zombie Tsunami style that you will enjoy.

Main feature

There are many various levels and modes

You will progress through 50 different levels, with the challenge increasing with each one. You can play the game at night or during the day in dense fog or wet weather. If you want a genuine challenge, try Survival Mode. See how long you can hold off zombies!

Skillful zombies

In the first round, don't let the weak-looking zombies fool you! These guys will get smarter and more cunning with each stage. There are a total of 26 different zombies, each with their own unique skills and weaknesses.

How To Play

Tips and tricks

Join the adventure to produce plants and mushrooms in order to destroy the mad zombies that are attacking your home. The garden's trees and fruits serve as the last line of defense against them. With mutant zombie-killing plants like bean plants and cherry bombs at their disposal, gamers must act swiftly and plant plants. Your plants are unique and effective in combating insane zombies. You can protect your garden from attackers by putting plants in strategic spots. With 46 plant varieties with varying attacking and defensive roles, you can create an infinite number of garden layouts.


Visit the store to unlock free chests or purchase an incredible collection of rare cards. Create a comprehensive plan to resist waves of zombies. Use the mouse to navigate.

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