Hydro Racing 3D
Hydro Racing 3D
Hydro Racing 3D

Hydro Racing 3D

Hydro Racing 3D

Enjoy the thrill of racing boats in a variety of places in the universe of Hydro Racing 3D. Prepare to feel the wind in your face as you ride the fastest speed boats. The boat successfully navigates through five diverse environments thanks to great engineering and navigation. Drive through Venice, deserts, uninhabited islands, winter, and every part of the deepest rainforest in a powerful car. In the world's most spectacular race, you'll have the opportunity to demonstrate your professional racing abilities. Experience racing with your best friend with the two-player option, or go it alone. Achieve success by moving freely and boldly in freeride mode.

How To Play

There are plenty of free map activities and interesting career mode chapters to look forward to, in addition to racing. The boats are sleeker and speedier. Nitrogen fuel increases their speed and power. Take your seat in the water park and begin racing or freeriding in single- or two-player mode.

Player 1

  • Move: W,A,S,D.
  • Nitrous: L-SHIFT.
  • Restart: R.
  • Camera View Switch: C

Player 2

  • Move: using the arrow keys
  • Nitrous: O
  • Restart: I
  • Camera View Switch: K

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