Geometry Dash Pride
Geometry Dash Pride
Geometry Dash Pride

Geometry Dash Pride

Geometry Dash Pride

Welcome to the Epic Medium Demon Level Challenge Space with Geometry Dash Pride! LakeIverson created this level with difficulty rating 10 stars and 2 user coins. The block designs and backgrounds, reminiscent of KFAOpitar, express the level's unique style. The creator skillfully combined a multitude of colors. The design is uniform and follows a logical sequence. It is even more meaningful to have a clear message conveyed while performing the challenge.

Some characteristic points

  • Space gaps appear when transitioning to another space. It seems absurd but fits the musical tone of Evangeline and Redeilia's Doggo Busters.
  • Many waves appear at the beginning of the journey, making players excited. The variety of shapes and sizes of symbols makes each space appropriate.
  • The theme and message are clear because of the detailed arrangement and use of background colors. This modern level effectively conveys the idea of being dynamic and evolving.

How to collect coins

First coin

Collecting this coin can be quite challenging due to its location. During the 00:32 period, it becomes clear that the coin is in a challenging position. Sharp spikes surround the entire space. Collecting it really demonstrates excellent dexterity in navigation and realism in control.

Second coin

The journey to this final coin location proves your ingenuity. Navigate the jumping block icon upwards to collect the second coin at stage 01:36. The final stage gets more interesting. Not only do you need to win beam matches, but you also need to control the symbols at the same time. The increasingly advanced challenges become more and more attractive.

How To Play

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of vibrant artwork. Choose the correct time to jump to complete 100% progress. Make mouse clicks in sync with the music.

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