Geometry Dash Blender
Geometry Dash Blender
Geometry Dash Blender

Geometry Dash Blender

Geometry Dash Blender

Geometry Dash Blender

Geometry Dash Blender version 2.0 dazzles with fast-paced animation and rich background colors. This new challenge includes detailed design elements in densely packed block patterns. Look for free space to quickly navigate the moving icon. Don't let barriers derail you or constitute a threat to your journey.

Interesting levels and level designs

  • Cube part: A typical starting element for the original Geometry Dash game series. This portion will not be too difficult, but you cannot rest either. Concentration is required to pass more easily and move on to the following portions.
  • Shadow part: The shadow component appears after the block part and features flexible interweaving. Smooth transition effects allow players to respond effectively.
  • Three-speed robot component: When you get to this stage, you may feel the difficulty gradually increase. He won't be easy to beat. However, in order to pass, you must practice often and become familiar with the level structure.
  • Ship part: This section is much more peaceful, and the tempo slows down more rhythmically. Players can control up and down more quickly, and the area layout is easier. The ship element is very interesting because it includes teleportation gateways, gravity portals, and direct flight.
  • Speed wave feature: increases excitement when taking on difficulties. At halfway, you can make contact with each wave, and the movement speed rises threefold. There are frames that just pass by, and you may not notice them yet.
  • The UFO: portion demonstrates the Codex designers' painstaking design. The item details all move simultaneously when the symbol jumps. I'm really impressed because instead of remaining static, the frames become more vibrant.

Three user coins

  • The first user coin requires a key to unlock, which is placed in the first ball mode at 6%. The key is easily obtained, and the initial user's coin is worth 10% in the second block mode. Players just need to click on the yellow sphere, not the other spheres.
  • The second-user coin is at 34%. The player can simply click on the first green sphere without affecting the other spheres. A blue board will also direct players to the conventional route.
  • The third user coin can be unlocked with the key situated at 51% in the second robot segment. The player must jump at the proper time to obtain the key. The third coin appears at 71% of the second ship sequence.

How To Play

This design is quite appealing, with a difficulty rating of maximum stars. Challenges worth overcoming. Can the gamer easily defeat opponents to achieve a high ranking? Click the mouse to guide the character through difficult spots.

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