Geometry Dash Stalemate
Geometry Dash Stalemate
Geometry Dash Stalemate

Geometry Dash Stalemate

Geometry Dash Stalemate

Geometry Dash Stalemate

Geometry Dash Stalemate intrigues players with the Extreme Demon level, one of the 1.9 favorites whose classic continues to grow. Start with the ship mode's conquest through a series of smooth transition gates. Coming to the visual signal, the wave part of the combination of memorization and the red circles at the end. Surely only with regular practice can it be easy to grasp the key point for each action.

Game with a classic style design

The game is a classic by challenge participants. Easily see the appearance of waves, robots,  or spiny balls. There isn't too much complexity in the design or multiple levels that add to the complexity.


  • This game definitely requires a lot of practice to successfully navigate.
  • Icon navigation moves to the tempo of the music right from the start of the melody.
  • Vivid color graphics create an interesting space when participating in the journey.

Some interesting comments on levels

  • Beat this level as the first crazy demon because of the fun.
  • Start it and get 45% progress, then reach 60%–100%, practice a lot, and definitely conquer the level easily.
  • Good memory is a good support tool as you move through unexpectedly challenging wave levels.

How To Play

Clicking will definitely make it easier for you to control when performing jumps. Besides, it can be combined with the w, up, or space keys.

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