Snow Plowing Simulator
Snow Plowing Simulator
Snow Plowing Simulator

Snow Plowing Simulator

Snow Plowing Simulator

Start the exciting mission of clearing all the snow in the city with the simulation game Snow Plowing Simulator. Open up the beautiful landscapes of the area when covered with white snow. Invest in specialized equipment to ease the daily cleaning tasks. Upgrade from simple plows to more modern and specialized vehicles. Drive powerful excavators, clear the roads, and keep your town safe.

Key features

  • The game has dozens of diverse levels with diverse locations, including buildings, parking lots, alleys, and roads.
  • Explore an open world! It features a small mountain town, diverse mountain terrain, and numerous narrow and steep mountain roads.
  • There are about a dozen different tools for manual snow removal, with different work efficiency and operating systems.
  • Various vehicles such as tractors, pickup trucks, and trucks are utilized for more demanding tasks.
  • Advanced weather systems, day and night systems, and extreme weather pose additional challenges.

How To Play

  • Navigate and control the vehicle with the WASD keys.
  • To clear the snow, click the mouse.

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