Push Enemys
Push Enemys
Push Enemys

Push Enemys

Push Enemys

Push Enemys

Push Enemys is an engaging game that challenges players to navigate through complex levels while strategically pushing enemies with a stick. Guide your character through the maze of obstacles and experience the thrill of overcoming enemies. Each step is a calculated move, and each push is a strategic operation. As the player progresses through levels, he not only navigates his character but also manipulates the environment to outwit and overcome his opponents. 

Impressive features

  • Players must anticipate their opponents' movements and use their sticks to push them into the abyss below.
  • Strategic use of portals adds engaging depth to gameplay, giving players the opportunity to manipulate the environment.
  • Gates become an important tool in players' arsenals, allowing them to devise creative strategies and overcome obstacles with ingenuity and foresight. 

Tips to play

  • Every movement, every push, and every interaction with the environment requires delicate touch and a keen sense of timing.
  • Master the art of precise moves and calculated pushes, ensuring that every action is aligned with the goal of victory.
  • Practice and master your character's movements. Precise and efficient movement will be important to navigate through levels and manipulate enemies to achieve your goals.

How To Play

Use your stick strategically to push enemies off the edge or into traps. Plan your moves carefully to create paths and ensure that all enemies are successfully eliminated from the playing field. Understand how to use the portal effectively to your advantage. Use them to expand your opening capabilities. Move the character in different directions to complete tasks when manipulating the mouse.

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