Nano Ninjas
Nano Ninjas
Nano Ninjas

Nano Ninjas

Nano Ninjas

Start your journey through the unique Japanese culture with Nano Ninjas. Run forward on the endless road full of obstacles. Collect coins and power-ups to unlock more skins for the character. Hone your movement control skills and quick reflexes. Be proficient in your movements as you acquire the unique skills of the Ninja. Join and see how far you can conquer.


  • You need quick reflexes to steer clear of obstacles and gather more power skills and coins.
  • The game takes place in a typical Japanese space, with famous Ninja characters participating in endless running challenges.
  • Simple design, attractive music, and interesting gameplay create an appealing game screen for all players.

How To Play

  • Shoot weapons using the up arrow.
  • Use the left arrow to run to the left.
  • Use the right arrow to run to the right.
  • Crouch down using the down arrow.
  • Jump up using the space key.

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