Welcome to the exciting world of MultiplArrow, the perfect blend of mathematics and precision to create a dynamic gaming experience. It is a thrilling journey as you command a special arrow decorated with numbers and symbols. Immersing yourself in the world of mathematical challenges. Aim, shoot, and solve equations by skillfully combining arrows, hitting multiple targets with absolute accuracy. With 80 levels of escalating challenges, the engaging gameplay experience is entertaining.

Creative combination of skills and mathematics

Your arrow will become a guide for your mathematical prowess. As you try to carefully arrange the numerical and symbolic components to create winning equations. With each accurate shot, you will witness a satisfying interaction between strategy and arithmetic.

Diverse and challenging levels

As you progress through 80 levels of increasing complexity, you will find yourself immersed in a world of mathematical acumen. Each level offers a unique challenge; fine-tune your aim to overcome ever-evolving puzzles.

Characteristic features

  • Dynamic arrow shooting action: MultiplArrow offers an engaging experience by combining arrow shooting action with challenges of acumen.
  • Educational games: improve players' mathematical abilities while providing an educational gaming experience.
  • Stunning graphics: Vivid colors are indispensable in this exciting game. There are diverse variations between different locations and gates. It definitely makes you feel satisfied with the look.

How To Play

Take the icon through simple locations with each click. Successfully complete the mission and win by reaching the challenging goal.

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