Lobotomy Dash
Lobotomy Dash
Lobotomy Dash

Lobotomy Dash

Lobotomy Dash

The amazing world of Lobotomy Dash invites fans of rhythm and action games into a fully immersive experience with captivating music. Players are taken on a magical journey where they have to find their way through a maze of blocks and fight a lot of monsters. Each obstacle has its own special set of sounds that are designed to work with it. The colors in the picture will work together to make a kaleidoscopic show that is beautiful to look at.

Epic beats and action

Start an exciting adventure through a world where every move is infused with musical action. Use your reflexes and smarts to get past the many hurdles, each of which looks and sounds different. Get lost in a never-ending flow of exciting beats and action-packed scenes.

Different monsters and sound symphonies

You will have to face a number of interesting monsters, each with its own aura and charm. There is a set of sounds that players are immersed in that match the unique qualities of the challenges they face. This strange mix of visual and auditory inputs creates a new soundscape for the player to experience.


  • It has an impressive layout, and the monsters that show up in the levels are very difficult.
  • You have to find a way for the icon to get out of the maze of traps.
  • As you go on your trip, you can see how the classic style's colors work well together and stand out.

How To Play

Lobotomy Dash's never-ending tracks is a thrilling and constant task that requires players to get past a huge number of obstacles. Test your physical and mental skills to the limit. The arrow keys on the computer make it easy to control icons that are moving.

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