Geometry Dash Success
Geometry Dash Success
Geometry Dash Success

Geometry Dash Success

Geometry Dash Success

Are you ready to unlock tough challenges with Geometry Dash Success? This level features exceptional levels that bear a striking resemblance to the sequel to Mirror Force. Dudex's extremely cool level has successfully convinced players of its difficulty. The Epic Medium Demon level has received a rating of 10 stars and 3 user coins. It moves with a robust, swift, and resolute pace as it navigates through various areas. The colors stand out against the dark background, creating a special and impressive look. The appearance and disappearance of each new space is truly a new creation.

How to collect user coins

First coin

The first coin appears at the beginning of the journey. Once the symbol transitions from a cube to a worm robot, proceed through the purple portal to retrieve the initial coin. The red space, which covers the entire space, really adds to the excitement.

Second coin

Collect the second coin immediately after the symbol phase shifts from a worm robot to a wave arrow, then return to the starting cube. You should lose yourself in the green space, surrounded by pointed blocks. To collect the second coin, use the green and pink arrow pads. It is not overly challenging, yet it guarantees adaptable up-and-down motions.

Third coin

The third coin features an open and easy-to-collect space located in the cube's upper position. The brick walls are impressively designed and attractive. Continue collecting until you reach the end of the path, where you will find the winning symbol.

How To Play

The level is exciting with its creative and unique design. The flexibility when changing wide and narrow moving spaces demonstrates the creator's talent. Overcome obstacles and practice a lot to complete a journey. Simply clicking at the right time will lead you closer to success.

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