Geometry Dash Retrograde
Geometry Dash Retrograde
Geometry Dash Retrograde

Geometry Dash Retrograde

Geometry Dash Retrograde

Returning another version of the Codex creator's Epic Medium Demon Level design, Geometry Dash Retrograde. The perfect reproduction of a classic look. Blending classic design with innovation in modern design trends. It is easy to see the many characteristics that highlight the transition between the two styles. Ancient features combined with modernity always bring greatness and unique appeal.

Some clearly visible details of the game Geometry Dash Retrograde.

  • Space design: inspired by version 1.9 combined with elements from version 2.1, creates smooth interference. Codex has always stood out for its classic design, but this time there is a more creative breakthrough. Space transport focuses on the simplicity of blocks and details but still provides a challenging level of difficulty. Flexible use of colors brings more modernity.
  • Clear style: the creator clearly shows through each block design, detail, or color combination. The pulses change regularly and make it look beautiful in motion.

Defeating the challenges is not too difficult but requires certainty in each movement. With various squares and rectangles on the inside and some pulses in between, it is easy to get nostalgic.

Some comments

  • The level clearly recreates the combination of antiquity and modernity with strong electronic music.
  • The details don't need to be too many and confusing, but this is already a masterpiece with a ten-star difficulty level.
  • Players can return to the great days of 2.0's challenging levels.

How to play

  • The game has colored points to create momentum for better jumping.
  • Continue operations on your mobile device by simply touching the screen.
  • The device used is a PC, so use a mouse for flexibility. There are also w, up, or space keys.

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