Geometry Dash Munacra
Geometry Dash Munacra
Geometry Dash Munacra

Geometry Dash Munacra

Geometry Dash Munacra

Geometry Dash Munacra

Geometry Dash Munacra brings a pop of color to the mix with some space wallpaper effects. When performing moves, add dimension to the scene. The transition of different color backgrounds will readily influence the overall design. The details of the organized blocks have hues that merge with the background color, making recognition difficult. This is BlueRimz's submission to Hans' creative contest. This level is highly valued because it is an Easy Demon level with a rating of 10 stars and 2 user coins.

The coins aren't particularly difficult to obtain.

  • The first coin was made of bronze. The first coin is discovered immediately at the start of the journey. Simply make another click. It's not very opaque, but that doesn't make it any less free.
  • Silver is the second coin. This coin is more difficult to understand than the first. To activate the coin path, you must ignore the green orb and just use the yellow orb. It was quite simple to figure out. The spikes within the blocks offer a sufficient and subtle signal.


  • With the predominant pink and purple tones, the game offers strong visual impacts. 
  • Details readily blend in with the background and become more blurred.
  • Because the difficulty level is set to maximum, no challenge is too easy.
  • In the early jumps, there are suggestions to find coins.

How To Play

Make each dance rhythm smooth, click at the appropriate setting. You can easily manipulate it and enjoy the rocket-like speed of the icon.

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