Geometry Dash Ion
Geometry Dash Ion
Geometry Dash Ion

Geometry Dash Ion

Geometry Dash Ion

Geometry Dash Ion opens a new portal to the colorful and unique Epic Medium Demon level. An exciting adventure awaits with a maximum difficulty level of ten stars. The game version has the participation of up to nine creators. This certainly brings satisfaction in terms of both visuals and rhythm when playing. The icon actually moves at up to twice the speed. The creators have clearly highlighted the difficulty of the Epic Medium Demon. The level is extremely colorful, with lots of beats and movements synchronized to the Infertehno song. Consistency is something that is always easy to see at each level. Each level has a unique and distinct representative color.


  • Fast-paced gameplay that requires fine control of every run, jump, or fly
  • Small details and many dense arrangements
  • The space for action icons is not too large but is suitable for the challenge of each level.
  • Custom-made music by Shinrog with the main theme song Infertehno

Some comments

  • It is great for creativity to use electronic music.
  • The automatic UFO part is really a difficult challenge to overcome.
  • Really good level and get the completion agreement with all three coins.
  • It starts out difficult, but with a little practice, you can master the icon control.

How to play

The game is always easy to use and operate. Actions are easy to perform using the mouse and combining one of the w, up, or space keys.

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