Geometry Dash Inferno
Geometry Dash Inferno
Geometry Dash Inferno

Geometry Dash Inferno

Geometry Dash Inferno

Codex and Zzgecko provide a super clean and simple level of design using really nice colors: Geometry Dash Inferno. Fire is the theme that the two creators created in the Epic Easy Demon level, which received 10 stars.

Two creators with completely different styles but good market performance. It is easy to spot if you're a fan of this popular arcade game.

  • As for the Codex, it stands out clearly right at the start of the level. The block designs and colors are consistent, but they carry a warm tone of fire throughout. Moving objects and custom backgrounds add more visual impact.
  • As for Zzgecko, his style is completely different, but the subsequent parts still blend well. This is certainly thanks to the use of color, so there won't be too much of a difference.


The gameplay of the sections is flexible, but perhaps you can easily see the obvious parts:

  • Square block section: Almost all levels start from it. While keeping the classic gameplay and design, it also brings familiarity when playing. The symbol passes through each scene like the architecture of a castle.
  • Robot part: Send the icon running through space portals. Continue to use the arrangement of geometric blocks to create jumping points for the icon. Intertwined with the appearance of sharp thorns. Through the support of the color point to keep the speed sustained.
  • Wave part: Forms striking symmetrical zigzag lines. Move the icon at high speed and successfully through the next space portal.

How To Play

Every movement is easy to control when using the mouse. You just need to understand the principle of rhythmic movement icons to click when jumping. Each journey has its own musical melody, synchronized with the running steps.

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