Geometry Dash Faber
Geometry Dash Faber
Geometry Dash Faber

Geometry Dash Faber

Geometry Dash Faber

Embark on a journey through the pixelated, blocky world with the exciting rhythm platform challenge, Geometry Dash Faber. Start a new journey and unlock all levels. Enjoy the innovative and modern 2.2 version. The main  dark background colors is black, pink, purple, and red. Control the icons' rhythmic dance moves to successfully overcome all of the obstacles.

Three-user coin challenge

In Geometry Dash Faber, Destriv has designed a harder level with seven stars and three user coins. Each coin pickup location has a unique musical melody. Enjoy and collect all of them.

  • First coin: It is really easy to collect the first coin right at stage 24%. The journey begins in ship mode, continues through the block square, and ends with the robot. There aren't many details or obstacles that could hinder the journey. The early stages make it easy for players to adapt to the gameplay.
  • Second coin: The second coin presents a greater challenge due to the appearance of rotating gears. Dexterity is the key to your success in finding the coin. Go through the golden pad, then collect the second coin at stage 83%.
  • Third coin: The third coin, located right after the previous coin, is the easiest coin. At stage 89%, collect the last coin.

How To Play

It is clear that the coins will make the challenges more interesting. Not only do you need to overcome the obstacles, but you also need to be skilled at navigating the jumping icon. Determine the appropriate height to advance to higher levels. Win and get the congratulatory icon.


Use the mouse and keyboard to manipulate the icon and navigate through all the space portals.

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