Geometry Dash Candescent
Geometry Dash Candescent
Geometry Dash Candescent

Geometry Dash Candescent

Geometry Dash Candescent

Welcome to an exciting level in the popular rhythm-based platformer game Geometry Dash Candescent. CastriX used the Epic Easy Level design with a difficulty level of two stars. The challenge is open to all levels of players, from easy to difficult.

Begin the level with simple cubes and robot portions. There aren't too many distracting elements. However, there are flashing snags throughout to enhance the visual impression. The goal is to keep the icon moving up while avoiding collisions with blocks and spikes.


  • The game creates obstacles that are easy for players to manage and move.
  • The intervals between the blocks are many and vary in size and shape, being both near and wide.
  • As the levels continue, spaceships and UFOs add gameplay variation.
  • Each space gate readily alters the icon's look to suit the journey path.
  • Pay attention to the light during each round. See how it changes dynamically with the appropriate balance of light and shade.

How To Play

The game offers an intriguing combination of vintage elegance and innovation. Because the icon's speed isn't excessively quick, every movement is simple to regulate. Only the bits at the end alter gradually. This design puts the player's skills to the test. Let's see how long it takes to finish everything.

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