Geometry Dash Bloodguilt
Geometry Dash Bloodguilt
Geometry Dash Bloodguilt

Geometry Dash Bloodguilt

Geometry Dash Bloodguilt

Geometry Dash Bloodguilt brings a powerful atmosphere with an iconic and decisively dynamic beat to the classic time machine. Not a copy of the original Geometry Dash but with flexibility in layout, space, and controls. The impressive highlight is clearly and prominently expressed with each powerful. Impressive musical note in rhythm with each dance beat of the symbol. The transition frame from a dark background to gradually embellishing colors is definitely an image you should explore. 

Game with exciting challenges

Each step is flexible and matches each touch. An open space with a layout without too many sharp spikes and established shapes. However, it will not be easy to overcome. You need to understand the rules of arrangement to easily jump over obstacles. Music appreciation is a skill you can practice to keep up with the rhythm of each action. 

No impressive graphics

Starting out, players can easily see a dominant dark background frame. Only block details or sharp spikes stand out in the background image. This provides better recognition while performing jumps. Colors will gradually appear and become more vivid as the deeper levels progress. To enjoy it, you need to successfully conquer obstacles along the way. Besides, there is also the appearance of a brilliant red scene that shows a unique impression true to the game's name. 

Outstanding features

  • The game provides a space that changes flexibly between light and dark, creating attractive effects.
  • Strong music to each beat adds charisma to each moving dance move.
  • The detailed layout is simple but brings puzzles that are difficult to solve when you are not really familiar with the arrangement.

How To Play

Practice a lot to find tricks or successfully pass through block gates with level-specific settings. Look for coins that appear and discover the mysteries the creator is setting up inside the challenge. Glide through each space and navigate icons that move in perfect rhythm with your mouse clicks.

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