Geometry Dash Behold
Geometry Dash Behold
Geometry Dash Behold

Geometry Dash Behold

Geometry Dash Behold

Geometry Dash Behold

Geometry Dash Behold, a new Epic Easy Demon rated 10 stars, makes a strong impression through the creative hands of SeokSo. Challenge the automatic movement of the symbol to see if it's easy to control it by going through the empty slots. Get lost in the diversity of background designs. There isn't so much thematic coherence from one section to the next; it's more of a journey through the mind. Starting from the universe with the appearance of galaxies and planets. Next comes the science theme, with shapes appearing in light effects. Or come to the city theme of classicism and the combination of religious diversity. Seokso achieved great levels of visual brilliance from start to finish. It is a real highlight because each section has some attention-grabbing art or effects.

Attractive with a variety of topics

Actually, this game is a success not based on attractive gameplay but on attractive effects and images. Decorations and effects perfectly match the feeling and atmosphere of the chosen song. The music is gentle and not too intense like previous EDM versions. Setting the level with a variety of effects and color contrasts, its refinement denotes a splendid and carefully detailed execution. Geometry Dash Behold is one of the levels with very good visual effects.

Positive response from players

  • It is the most beautiful level in Seokso's designs, an artistic painting gradually emerges through each frame.
  • The transition between background and gameplay happens in a blink of an eye but shows off the creator's outstanding style.
  • The parallax effect used throughout the level creates great depth and a sense of space.
  • The progression as well as the unique vibe are extremely well crafted, giving it a very unique charm.

How To Play

The level is not too long but brings satisfaction in all aspects, from image, sound, color, and gameplay, to the player. The bright spots appearing in the background create a highlight that takes you to a mysterious space. Only when successfully exploited to the maximum will it be easy to find the hidden secret. Jump gracefully on the pads with each double click. Explore transitions through each multi-faceted creative theme.

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