Geometry Dash Alula
Geometry Dash Alula
Geometry Dash Alula

Geometry Dash Alula

Geometry Dash Alula

Geometry Dash Alula

The colorful world of Geometry Dash Alula is highlighted by its epic, harder-level art style, as created by Jayuff. The level is appreciated by the modernity and movement of the background images that synchronize with the dance steps. Start your journey with your ship flying around spinning and spiked platforms. Adapt to each gravity change through the sensitivity of the moving environment.

The game has clarity in its sections

  • The ship starts: The change in the start definitely gives a more special impression. Instead of starting with a block section, the level starts with a ship, providing a more gradual pace. Players of any age can easily adapt and get used to this arcade genre.
  • Shadow part: transition right after the remaining part, but not too difficult. In almost every creator's design, simplicity is the central theme for development. There are not too many thorny or jagged details appearing to deceive the eye. Besides, the colorful background appears throughout and moves to create a more artistic impression.
  • The wave part: difficult. Every time I come to this part, I see a clear change in speed. But the symmetry of this piece is really interesting. Fly quickly across the columns to reach the next cube section.
  • UFO stage: appears later, and especially the coin position often appears in this stage. Synchronize the music rhythm and background movements to successfully collect coins.
  • Spider stage: It is actually quite rare, but it appears in this level. Get the exact timing of your jumps. The location between the platforms is always changing and provides a unique challenge for each section.

Find coins to finish missions and get victory symbols

  • The first coin is worth 27%, but you must first obtain the key, which costs 25%. And you must fly across the platform on a wave, with spikes on the ceiling.
  • The second coin is at 43%, but first you must obtain the little coin at 37%. You must proceed to the platform mentioned above.
  • The third and final coin is at the fork, specifically at 83%, but first obtains the key at 79%. The key is obtained with a conventional leap; however, you must jump to the coin and hold the arrow to avoid the spikes.

How To Play

Jump to locations and don't get distracted by clicking.

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