Geometry Dash AI Inc
Geometry Dash AI Inc
Geometry Dash AI Inc

Geometry Dash AI Inc

Geometry Dash AI Inc

Geometry Dash AI Inc offers a one-of-a-kind design with the core AI theme displaying the designer's modernity. Throughout the level, there is art for industrial block detailing. Interact with the game's captivating images, which are complemented by rhythmic music. With a pulsing electronic soundtrack, the player navigates their way through a number of obstacle-filled stages. Your objective is to complete each level while avoiding difficult obstacles and collecting points.


  • Customization options: Unlock geometric forms that fit each ring. The new colors and interfaces offer flexible automated modifications.
  • Power-ups: Unlock and upgrade power-ups to get an advantage throughout gaming. At a certain stage, these coins unlock levels.
  • Get this level's distinctive icon as an achievement effect. Completing a challenge adds a new record to your collection.


  • Spikes and Blades: Guide the icon through small passageways loaded with spikes and spinning blades. Don't let it fall in so rapidly.
  • Moving Platforms: Jump and dash across moving platforms while avoiding traps. There are rounds that include not just moving symbols but also block details.

How To Play

Control the symbol to actively travel across vacant slots and successfully pass through level gates. For every useful activity, click. Combine a series of perfect moves without hitting any obstacles to get bonus points.

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