Egg Dash
Egg Dash
Egg Dash

Egg Dash

Egg Dash

Navigate the rolling egg based on rhythm and succeed in winning the long distance of the Egg Dash. Decode and find successful control methods to overcome obstacles. If you are a fan of the rhythm-based genre, this is a challenge not to be missed. The lively environment and spectacular egg-rolling speed bring you to diverse frames. Rush forward and conquer all challenging obstacles.
The colorful 3D graphics are really another attractive element of this incredible game. The dynamism and variety of challenges easily draw you in. The pitfalls are easy to spot but require quick reflexes and ingenuity to navigate successfully. There are a variety of game modes for you to explore, and there are many choices. Humming to the tune and mastering the movements to complete all levels.

Outstanding features

  • The game is based on the classic Geometry Dash gameplay, as it takes players along with the egg rolling through interesting locations.
  • A multi-stage journey with unique and outstanding designs takes you through a variety of challenges.
  • Easy to play repeatedly and familiar with the detailed spike positions arranged throughout the journey.

How To Play

Tips to play

  • The game really needs a lot of practice for you to get used to the fast-paced gameplay.
  • Good and fast reflexes will help you navigate smoothly and jump over simple spikes.
  • The rhythm of the background music, synchronized with the rhythm of the egg's movement, provides good synchronization.


Click to perform gameplay when pressing the start of the level.

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