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Dino Jump

Dino Jump

Are you ready to take an exciting trip back in time to the Stone Age? Welcome to Dino Jump, a fun game made by Pixeljam, the same people who made the famous Dino Run. People who play this fun and nostalgic game are asked to explore different biomes. You can control either a Baby Rex, a Pterodactyl, or a Parasaur as you lead them through an endless journey. Players are asked to show off their jumping and flying skills while staying away from dangerous objects. Get ready for an exciting prehistoric journey like you've never had before!

Take a trip through time

When you enter the exciting world of Dino Jump, you'll be taken back to a time when big animals roamed the Earth. Along with lush prehistoric woods, there are also vast deserts and dangerous volcanic landscapes. There are different challenges and beautiful sights in each biome that will catch your imagination.

The game is easy to play

It takes a lot of dexterity and quick movements to control the cute Baby Rex, the quick Pterodactyl, or the strong Parasaur. With every graceful jump and flight, you can get over the scenery that is always changing. When you move quickly through tight spaces and jump over objects, your adrenaline will pump.

Individual characters with their own traits

Pick your ancient friends carefully, because each one has their own traits and skills. Baby Rex is known for being quick and athletic, and he is very good at moving and jumping quickly. If you choose the Pterodactyl, you can smoothly fly through the air, going over obstacles and covering more ground. The Parasaur, on the other hand, is built to last and is perfect for traveling over rough ground thanks to its strong and durable design.

Beautiful pixel art

Enjoy beautiful pixel art that brings the world of ancient times to life. Beautiful scenery, moving obstacles, and interesting character animations. With happy music, the enticing atmosphere makes the experience even more real.

How To Play

Find rewards that are hidden and unlock cool powers. Plan your strategy to get past hurdles that are getting harder to get past. The desire to improve and the constantly changing tasks will draw you in. Aim for the top of the leaderboards as you play against friends and people from all over the world. Use the arrow keys or the menu button on the screen to control.

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