Animal Traffic Run
Animal Traffic Run
Animal Traffic Run

Animal Traffic Run

Animal Traffic Run

Animal Traffic Run is a fast-paced game that takes you into the middle of a busy city. Get ready for an exciting trip. Assist different animals as they make their way through the city. Please make sure these cute animals can safely cross busy roads and streets. Avoid traffic jams with skill and enjoy the many benefits that await them along the way.

Dynamic gameplay

It keeps people interested with its interesting idea, which combines navigating cities and caring for animals. Help the animals find their way through the city's busy streets. Keep them away from hidden risks and lead them where they need to go. The busy cityscape will be the basis of your task to make sure animals can safely move through the city. Find your way through a maze of fun urban tasks.


  • Urban navigation: Animal Traffic Run is a game where players have to help different animals get around a busy city.  By crossing busy streets and roads safely.
  • Adorable animal characters: The game has a lot of cute animal friends, and each one has its own personality and traits.
  • Traffic challenge: Players have to get through traffic jams, avoid cars, and get past objects so animals can get through safely.
  • Action that moves quickly: Animal Traffic Run is an exciting and quick-paced game that requires quick reflexes and smart thinking to beat the challenges of city life.

How To Play

Click the mouse to easily change any character's settings.

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